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The country’s government says it could welcome visitors from certain ‘safe regions’ as early as July

As a great deal of the world comes out of lockdown, many countries are going all-out as they look to reboot their tourist economies. Portugal and Jamaica, for example, are already welcoming visitors from nations across the globe.

Others are taking a markedly more cautious approach. Vietnam has grounded all international flights into the country since March, as part of a strict, early lockdown which has resulted in precisely zero deaths from the virus. And now, as it gradually eases its restrictions, the country’s government has said it is preparing to restart flight routes to a handful of less affected regions – but only if they don’t report any new cases for 30 straight days.

In a statement posted online yesterday, the Vietnamese authorities said: ‘Regarding the reopening of international flights, ministries will first select some locations to open soon, such as Guangzhou, TaiwanSeoulTokyo and Laos, depending on the general situation.

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