Vietnam Airlines Repatriates Over 240 Pregnant Women From Taiwan | Symply Flying

As special repatriation flights continue in the midst of border closures, a rather unique flight took place on Friday from Taipei (Taiwan) to Da Nang (Vietnam). Of the 343 Vietnamese citizens being repatriated, 243 of them were pregnant women – some of whom were getting close to their due dates.

The UN International Organization for Migration notes that Taiwan is a major destination for Vietnamese migrant workers, particularly in the manufacturing and fisheries industries. In fact, of the 46,200 Vietnamese migrants working abroad in 2002, nearly 30% went to Taiwan. The only other countries more popular for Vietnamese migrant workers are Laos and Malaysia. Thus, with a significant migrant population in Taiwan, it makes sense that there would be some families and soon-to-be families included in those numbers.

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